• A closer look at the relationship between innovation and employment growth at the firm level 

      Herstad, Sverre; Sandven, Tore (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      This paper considers in detail how different types of innovation (products, processes, patents, combinations) are related to different employment growth characteristics (exit or survival, with employment upscaling or ...
    • Advancing regional innovation systems: What does evolutionary economic geography bring to the policy table? 

      Bugge, Markus; Coenen, Lars; Herstad, Sverre; Asheim, Bjørn Terje (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      The evolutionary turn in economic geography has shed new light on historically contingent regional preconditions for innovation and economic growth, which has the potential of improving the analytical input to regional ...
    • De store selskapene: Forskningslokomotiver eller dresiner? 

      Herstad, Sverre; Nås, Svein Olav (NIFU STEP-rapport;18-2008, Research report, 2007-05)
      NIFU STEP gjennomførte i 2007 en kartlegging og vurdering av utviklingen i de største norske selskapenes investeringer i forskning og utvikling (FoU). Oppdraget var finansiert av Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon (NHO). Den ...
    • Innovation strategy choices in the urban economy 

      Herstad, Sverre (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      This paper analyses how the innovation strategies of individual firms reflect the density, diversity and international connectivity of their urban locations. It makes three contributions. Theoretically, it argues that ...
    • Innovation systems, innovation modes and processes of commercialization 

      Godø, Helge; Gulbrandsen, Magnus; Herstad, Sverre; Mariussen, Åge; Røste, Rannveig; Spilling, Olav R.; Ørstavik, Finn (NIFU STEP-rapport;2008-4, Research report, 2008-01)
      The papers presented in this volume are the main results of a strategic institute program organised during 2006-2007 at NIFU STEP on “Innovation processes in an evolutionary perspective”. The objective of the program has ...
    • Knowledge spillovers to industry: Opportunities for universities of applied sciences 

      Ebersberger, Bernd; Herstad, Sverre; Altman, Andreas (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      The paper condenses recent empirical findings about the characteristics of those firms that utilize and appreciate knowledge spillovers from higher education organizations. We discuss these findings, sketch out how these ...
    • Open innovation in Europe: effects, determinants and policy 

      Ebersberger, Bernd; Herstad, Sverre; Iversen, Eric James; Kirner, Eva; Som, Oliver (Research report, 2011)
    • SND og distriktsutvikling – rolle, virkemidler og resultater 

      Hatling, Lillian; Herstad, Sverre; Isaksen, Arne (STEP Report;5-2000, Research report, 2000-09)
    • Towards regional innovation systems in Norway? An explorative empirical analysis 

      Herstad, Sverre; Sandven, Tore (NIFU Report;2017:8, Research report, 2017-03)
      This report presents the findings of an analysis of Regional innovation systems (RIS) in Norway. The analysis was undertaken as part of the research project ‘Exploring the role of the VRI program in regional innovation ...
    • Utenlandske investeringer i norsk FoU 

      Herstad, Sverre; Sandven, Tore; Kaloudis, Aris (NIFU STEP-rapport;1-2006, Research report, 2006-01)
      Norges forskningsråd (NFR) og Innovasjon Norge (IN) ble i Forskningsmeldingen (St.meld. nr. 20 2004–2005 Vilje til forskning) gitt i oppdrag å utrede tiltak som kan bidra til å øke de utenlandske investeringene i norsk ...