• Examining national citation impact by comparing developments in a fixed and a dynamic journal set 

      Schneider, Jesper; van Leeuwen, Thed; Visser, Martijn; Aagaard, Kaare (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      In order to examine potential effects of methodological choices influencing developments in relative citation scores for countries, a fixed journal set comprising of 3232 journals continuously indexed in the Web of Science ...
    • Identifying and facilitating high quality research 

      Langfeldt, Liv; Aagaard, Kaare; Borlaug, Siri Brorstad; Sivertsen, Gunnar (R-QUEST Policy Brief;1, Others, 2016)
      Policies attempting to promote high quality research are widespread. But what does it mean to promote high quality research? And do the policies work? This policy brief summarises what we know and do not know about these issues.
    • Lone geniuses or one among many? An explorative study of contemporary highly cited researchers 

      Aksnes, Dag W.; Aagaard, Kaare (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Purpose: The ranking lists of highly cited researchers receive much public attention. In common interpretations, highly cited researchers are perceived to have made extraordinary contributions to science. Thus, the metrics ...
    • Markets for Applied Research: A comparative analysis of R&D-systems in five countries 

      Solberg, Espen; Larsen, Katarina; Wiig, Ole; Aagaard, Kaare; Sivertsen, Gunnar (NIFU rapport;2012-46, Research report, 2012-12-19)
      This study aims to assess strengths and weaknesses of the Norwegian system for applied research by comparing it to the systems in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands. These countries represent both similarities ...
    • Quality criteria and concentration of research funding 

      Aagaard, Kaare (R-QUEST Policy Brief;4, Others, 2019)
      Across many countries concentration of research funding is becoming more pronounced affecting both diversity and topic selection. What is driving these developments? And what are the arguments for and against increased ...
    • The effects of performance-based research funding systems 

      Sivertsen, Gunnar; Aagaard, Kaare (R-QUEST Policy Brief;2, Others, 2017)
      The effects of performance-based research funding systems are among the most contested issues in both science policy studies and broader academic discussions. A key question in these debates, the relationship between ...