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Bladet Forskningspolitikk (1978-) [167]
NAVFs utredningsinstitutt (1954-1995) [432]
Nordisk institutt for studier av innovasjon, forskning og utdanning [2037]
STEP Centre for Innovation Research (1994-2004) [200]
  • The limits of universities’ strategic capacity for steering research 

    Borlaug, Siri Brorstad; Jungblut, Jens (R-QUEST Policy Brief;11, Others, 2024)
    Today’s universities are under pressure from multiple directions. The massive growth in students and staff has led to, amongst others, a high competition between individual academics, and universities for external funding. ...
  • The use of metrics in academic recruitment 

    Reymert, Ingvild (R-QUEST Policy Brief;10, Others, 2024)
    Concerns about the use of metrics in assessments of individual researchers have been raised by influential initiatives such as the DORA declaration (2012), the Leiden Manifesto (2016) and CoARA’s Agreement on reform of ...
  • The consequences of paying to publish 

    van Leeuwen, Thed; Brasil, André| (R-QUEST Policy Brief;9, Others, 2024)
    Open Access publishing has been the most prolific aspect of the transition towards open science. In this transition, increasingly national governments, national and international funding agencies and institutional leadership ...
  • Evaluating transdisciplinary research quality 

    Borlaug, Siri Brorstad; Svartefoss, Silje Marie (R-QUEST Policy Brief;8, Others, 2024)
    Transdisciplinary research (TDR) addresses societal issues and involves non-academic partners. To meet today’s societal challenges TDR is often seen as part of the solution. But TDR projects differ considerable from regular ...
  • «Et bevis på at man trenger skolen, egentlig» Delrapport 2: Koronapandemiens langsiktige konsekvenser for elever på ungdomstrinnet 

    Vennerød-Diesen, Frida Felicia; Pedersen, Cathrine; Persson, Marlene Folkestad; Andersen, Patrick Lie; Ljunggren, Jørn (NIFU-rapport;2024:10, Research report, 2024)
    Denne delrapporten er den andre publikasjonen fra prosjektet Koronapandemiens langsiktige konsekvenser for elever på ungdomstrinnet. Prosjektet gjennomføres på oppdrag fra Utdanningsdirektoratet av forskningsinstituttene ...

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